strong families build nationsThe strong family is an institution that builds towns, cities and nations, and the United States of America is no exception. It is the unity of a family that provides the nurturing atmosphere and the basic instructions of life that young children need in their growing up years.

The traditional family of male and female parents is how we were all created and as you study history it is the societies that have supported and given place to the traditional family that have built strong societies and have become prosperous.

It is the family that sets the standards and boundaries for the raising and teaching of the children. Going all the way back to the indigenous societies, the traditional family setup strengthened the tribe and the overall social network of the community.

Children who are raised in a strong family grow up with more confidence and direction, as they always had the support and directional emphasis. As a child succeeds, the family is always there to cheer him or her on. If a child fails, the family is there for support and encouragement.

In our society today we have millions of one parent families that are the result of divorce, and welfare families. Divorce is a moral dilemma for society, as it breaks down traditional support systems and puts emotional and economic pressure on the one parent family.

Another problem is the welfare of one parent family where our government, in effect, pays people to have children. That was not the original intent, but that is how it has worked out. A woman can have sex with someone, and if a baby is a result, the society will pay for everything and give her and the child enough money to live on, with food stamps, rent and utility subsidies, and medical care.

While that is certainly the fair thing to do, it provides no incentive to better oneself as a person can survive in that mode. There is more emphasis being put on people to recognize that a traditional family arrangement provides the emotional support and the incentives to rise above this type of situation.