make your time for yor family because life is shortIt’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of each day. People are creatures of habit, routine, and we also have all kinds of selfish inclinations. We love others, but life is one long lesson where each person must find out what is most important. Life is also always changing, and that includes families. People get older, kids grow up and start their own families, and all kinds of things happen.

One thing that is also inevitable is that people pass on. No one likes to think about that happening, but it’s important to remember that this life is short. It might not seem short at times, and you might have all kinds of different things demanding your attention. Still, you’re going to realize as you get older more and more that it is extremely important to make time for family.

Think about the people that have lost immediate family members too early. Maybe you’re one of them. I am good friends with two women that lost their son and I can only imagine how that has shaped their lives. There are children that have lost parents when they were really young, and there are all kinds of other losses that happen too early.

This should remind us all to hug our families, make time for them and cherish each moment. Take every opportunity you can to spend time. Sure you’re going to miss out on some things, but you’ll catch so much more. Sometimes you’ll be spending time with family members individually, and other times it will be as a group.

One way you can make time for family is to bring dinner back to the table. In other words, stop eating at different times and in different rooms. Of course, sometimes this can’t be helped as far as schedules, but the point is to make every opportunity if it is there.