the importnace of family for the future of the humankindFamily is the foundation of our modern society, as we know it. Ancient civilizations were also based on families, the difference being that the definition of a family wasn’t the one we know and use today. There were times when people were organized in tribes.

A family was a group of members, men and women, who had children and raised them together, in a collective effort. This is understandable if we think how hard life was in those times. Bad hunters were doomed to die from starvation. Their families would have died together with them. Large animals were hard to hunt by one single person, so people had to organize themselves in groups in order to improve their chances of survival.

Today, our needs have changed a lot. We can survive as single individuals; we don’t have to hunt in large groups and we can raise our children outside the couple. However, the family is still very important, especially for our children. Through the family, we can teach them what values are and how to set theirs. We can help them discover their life mission and develop a vision to live in accordance with. We can teach them good manners, so that they can be liked in the society, make friends and succeed in their endeavors.

Research shows that the first seven years of life are the most important, as this is the period when the character of the future adult is formed. By being part of a happy family, the child has the chance of learning about traditions and culture, about the relationships between people and about the power given by the feeling of belonging. A homeless or an orphan child is going to have problems with the integration in a team or in a community. Children who are raised in functional families are much better at developing and maintaining healthy relationships with their peers. Additionally, they have a stronger feeling of self-confidence. They are going to be better performers because they trust in their own power to succeed in life.

A family offers little children protection. When we are very young, we need something stronger than us to protect and nurture us until we become strong enough to cope with all adversities. The family is able to provide this stable and reassuring climate in which children can develop without fear or worries for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, family seems to be slowly deteriorating in our modern world. We can cope without needing anyone else to help us, so more and more of use decide to take their life on their own and refuse to become part of a family. This isn’t a very good direction, for one simple reason: we need love to feel fulfilled and happy. Humans are social beings, so we feel more accomplished and happier when we are part of a particular group. Family is the group that symbolizes love and care at their highest. Hugs are very good for our health, so why not share our life with someone and get our daily fix of free hugs each and every day?

Of course, being single can be better than being in a dysfunctional family. However, solitude increases the risk of depression. This is why we should encourage the younger generations to form solid and loving families, to raise good children and to find their purpose in life together. There’s a lot of love to be shared on this Earth, so it would be a shame to die alone and hopeless, without a soul to share good and bad moments with.